Severe Weather Information & Tips

Black Ice DangerDivide County may experience severe weather during any season. Our winters are known for subzero temperatures, snow, icy roads, and occasional blizzards. We frequently experience severe thunderstorms with hail and damaging winds during the summer months and although unusual, we have had five recorded tornados in Divide County since 1950. We are at risk for ice storms in both the fall and spring that bring not only dangerous driving conditions but also the possibility of wide spread power outages.

Bridge Freeze Danger

Thunderstorm_Safety.pdf A guide to staying safe during thunderstorms

Hailstorm_Safety.pdf A guide for staying safe during a hailstorm

Tornado Safety Tips
Thunderstorm Graphic

Extreme_Heat_Safety.pdf Guide to protection against extreme heat

Blackout_Guide.pdf A guide for preparing for and surviving a power blackout

Cold_Weather_Guide.pdf A short guide for cold weather safety

Winter Storms Winter Storm Safety

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