Severe Summer Weather

Severe Summer Weather Awareness
Thunder Storm

The end of April and early May is the start of the severe summer weather season and it will run through early fall. Summer time threats include thunderstorms, lightning, hail, flash floods, downburst winds, tornados and severe heat.  

It is important to note that severe summer weather can also create secondary hazards. Lightning in thunderstorms may spark wildfires. When coupled with strong winds, these fires can quickly spread. Slow-moving thunderstorms often trigger flash floods, due to the extended duration of heavy rainfall. Heavy rain, hail, strong winds and tornadoes in summer storms may become problematic for ground and air travelers. Such conditions can cause accidents and could even possibly lead to a hazardous material release.

  • If you are under a thunderstorm warning take the following actions:
    -Find safe shelter right away
  • -If you hear thunder, go indoors or get into a car
  • -Avoid tall objects such as single trees or towers as well as fence lines.
  • -Do not use land line phones, shower, bath or wash dishes as electricity can follow transmission lines and water
  • -Unplug appliances
  • -Pay attention to alerts and warnings
While tornadoes are somewhat rare in North Dakota, they still occur from time to time. During the 67-year period from January 1950 to May 2018, 1,538 tornadoes were reported in North Dakota with an estimated $173,998,270 in property damage.

Severe heat and high humidity during outdoor activities greatly increases the potential for heat related conditions such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  Of these injuries, heat stroke is the most severe and is life threatening if not treated quickly. 
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