Child Protection and Family Services

Children Special Health Services(CSHS)

Special medical assistance for children under the age of 21 who have a qualifying medical condition and who meet family income guidelines.

Subsidized Adoption

Grant and/or medical assistance for families who adopt a child or children with special needs.

Crossroad Program

Provides payment of child care to licensed child care providers for an unmarried minor parent to enable them to complete their high school education.

Foster Home Licensing

Assist individuals who wish to become foster parents and complete licensure of foster homes in our county based on state guidelines.

Daycare Licensing

License daycare providers according to state guidelines.

Parent Aide Services

Provides one on one individualized services to assist a family with accessing services and addressing parenting concerns / needs within the home.

Child Protective Services

A child protection service assessment is completed on families where suspected child abuse and neglect has been reported. The assessment is a fact-finding process to:

  • gather information for decision making;
  • explain the community’s interest in the protection and well-being of its children, and how that is furthered by the reporting process;
  • explain the CPS agency’s purpose and processes;
  • evaluate the level of safety;
  • assess the family’s strengths;
  • assess the risk of future maltreatment;
  • reduce trauma to the child;
  • secure safety as needed;
  • promote family preservation; and
  • offer other services available through the CPS agency, or to make appropriate referrals to needed service entities.

Foster Care

Case management services for families, foster homes and children after a child has been removed from the family's home.

Wraparound Case Management

Case management for families to assist with maintaining stability, safety and accessing services for the family or a family member.

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