The North Dakota Department of Emergency Services Division of State Radio coordinates 9-1-1 services as well as emergency medical, fire, and law enforcement response. It provides all public safety communications services for 24 counties and is the designated back-up public safety answering point for all the other 21 located throughout the state. State Radio is the primary dispatch center for the N.D. Highway Patrol and also responds to calls for emergency assistance across the state. Statewide communication services ensure necessary resources are dispatched or emergency response. A communications center open 24 hours a day provides direct assistance to more than 4,000 users representing 287 federal, state, local, and tribal agencies. Services include the following:

- AMBER/Silver/Blue Alert Response
- National Warning System (NAWAS)
- Statewide Paging System
- Statewide 9-1-1 and Emergency Telephone Systems

All 911 calls in Divide County are received and responders dispatched by North Dakota State Radio in Bismarck; Divide County does not maintain a dispatch center. The Divide County Emergency Services section is responsible for assigning new 911 addresses for commercial and residential locations and for updating the 911 database due to address and property changes. Divide County Emergency Services has a two page form for requesting a 911 address; the key pieces of information is the exact location, the road or street the property accesses, and the phone number to be associated with this address.


Time lost while searching for an address may make a difference in the ability to save a life or property. For fire and medical emergencies, a few lost minutes may make the difference between saving or losing a life or property.  Here are some general guidelines to ensure first responders can find you:

1) Clearly mark your house or mailbox with numbers that are at least 3" tall and reflective so they can be seen from a distance. The numbers must be Arabic numerals. Fancy numbers or numbers that are spelled out may be aesthetically pleasing but are very difficult to read from the street.

2) If the dwelling is located more than 45 feet from the front lot line, the number should be displayed on a gate post, fence, mailbox, or other appropriate place that will make it visible from the street from all directions.

3) In cases where mailboxes are grouped together, place the number on the door in town and on your driveway in rural areas.

4) Please make mailbox numbers visible from both sides - not only the side that the postman delivers from. Emergency vehicles respond from both directions.

5) When marking driveways, the height of the sign should be sufficient to accommodate accumulations of snow and the growth of any shrubs placed around them.


  • Verify that your address is in the 911 system if you move or build a new residence. Contact Divide County Emergency Services at 965-6361.

Divide_County_911_Request.pdf Application for for 911 Address

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