Skjermo Recreation Area

Skjermo Camping Rules

By making payment at time of reservation for seasonal camping at Skjermo Lake Park, or by occupying a short-term space, I agree to the following:

**Campers, tents, buildings, etc. must maintain a 10-foot spacing distance between other structures at all times per fire code & safety regulations.

**Each campsite will be kept tidy. It is the responsibility of the renter to trim grass around the immediate area of their camper and pick-up trash.

**When leaving the area, the campsite should be clean, and all items such as campers, tents, water crafts, tarps, mats, and all other personally owned property must be removed. 

**Please be aware of the burn ban regulations


Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you enjoy your summer!

                                                                                     ~Divide County Park Board


Short-term camping sites are available at Skjermo Lake

Short-term sites- (Lot 0, 1A, 1B) are available (Less than 10 days) for $10 per night. 
    *If a short-term space is occupied the entire term, the tenant must wait 30 days before returning to occupy another short-term space.

2024 Skjermo Map
Picnic Shelter at Skjermo Lake
Photo of Skjermo Lake
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